Deputies serving eviction papers uncover apparent murder-suicide

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Another sad case involving financial troubles has ended in violence.

Grief Charlotte Mecklenburg Bankruptcy Lawyer North Carolina Chapter 11 AttorneyLast Thursday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded to a call for service in the 4200 block of Myers Hunter Lane in Charlotte. Sheriff’s deputies serving eviction papers at the residence found two elderly people suffering from gunshot wounds. Both later died of their injuries.

The man was identified as 70-year-old Edward Rosner. Police suspect Rosner shot himself and his wife.

According to WSOC, Rosner had built a career as a Philadelphia corporate attorney before relocating to Charlotte with his wife, Prudence. Prudence, 68, was pronounced dead after being transported by medic to Carolinas Medical Center.

Rosner pled guilty on September 12, 2013 to tax evasion. Between 2005 and 2009, the IRS alleged, Rosner failed to report income totaling some $2.9 million. The amount of taxes claimed by the agency on the income was $1,005,940. Rosner was awaiting sentencing on the pleas.

Rosner’s attorney, Randolph Lee, said the man was concerned about his family and was ashamed and embarrassed at his lack of diligence in failing to file his tax returns. Court records show Rosner had asked for delays in his case due to his wife’s “life-debilitating” health problems.

What happened Thursday, however, came as a shock. “I’m just surprised that he would take this course. That’s just out of character,” Lee said of the apparent murder-suicide.

Both Rosners were sued in 2006 over a real estate purchase gone bad. Brian Scott Baker and Janna C. Jordan-Baker alleged that the Rosners committed fraud and unfair and deceptive trade practices in their sale of a Waxhaw home to the Bakers.

According to a 2009 North Carolina Court of Appeals opinion, Rosner testified in a deposition that he had been retied for ten years and did not make any income. Prudence Rosner, however, testified that Rosner was the CEO of a foundation and had separate bank accounts. Rosner was ordered to produce financial statements and was later sanctioned for failing to produce them. The Court of Appeals upheld the sanctions and upheld an entry of default against the Rosners.

While the precise causes behind suspected murder-suicides are often never ascertained, statistics show that the phenomenon is twice as common among adults over the age of 55. Men who kill a spouse or ex-spouse are 13 times more likely to take their own lives than those who murder non-spouses.

Studies have honed in on a variety of stressors and possible causes of murder-suicides. Any combination of these could have been present in Rosner’s case. One common factor seen in many cases is the specter of financial ruin. Research published by the British Medical Journal shows the financial crash that began in 2008 led to thousands of additional suicides worldwide. In North America, the largest spike was seen in older men.

At this early juncture, it is not known what factor or factors caused the Rosners’ tragic deaths. However, anyone facing financial difficulties—even potential financial ruin—needs to know that there is a means by which debts can be discharged and, through perseverance, a new start can be made. Call me today if you think I can help you.

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