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Bankruptcy attorney Ben Tobey answering the question: Will a bankruptcy filing stop a foreclosure?

For many Americans in today’s society, the process of making investments and building wealth is a smooth one. However, for countless others, unforeseen obstacles and life events lead one’s level of wealth to deteriorate. When an individual’s debts begin to substantially outweigh their assets, many begin to seriously consider filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy attorney Ben Tobey answering the question: Can i transfer nonexempt property out of my name before filing bankruptcy to protect it?

Whether we like to admit it or not, we Americans live in a capitalist society. Our culture values wealth and property accumulation, and our nation’s financial sector has created multiple different tools and avenues to help citizens build wealth. While debt instruments such as credit cards and loans exist to help us grow our finances, if we are not responsible or fall victim to circumstances we may end up looking for an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Bryan W. Stone answers the question: “What are my alternatives to bankruptcy?”

A bill that has already been passed by the South Carolina House has now moved forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee and is widely expected to eventually pass the full Senate. The bill does several things, the first of which is to create a specific bankruptcy exemption for guns.

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