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Bankruptcy attorney Ben Tobey answering the question: What happens with lawsuits that are pending against me when I file bankruptcy?

If all those debt collector threats led to a lawsuit, you need to act quickly. If you are being sued by a debt collector, you have no time to waste. In North Carolina, a creditor only needs to prove that the debtor owes the debt in order to obtain a judgment.

Charlotte Bankruptcy Lawyer Bryan W. Stone of Arnold & Smith, PLLC answers the question “How do I find a bankruptcy attorney in Charlotte?”


Now is the time for New Year’s resolutions. As 2015 swings into gear, a leading bankruptcy adviser is offering tips for individuals and businesses who are contemplating bankruptcy.

Out of business sale Charlotte Mecklenburg Bankruptcy Lawyer North Carolina Debt AttorneyJustin Harelik, founder of Westgate Law in Los Angeles, says an effective bankruptcy is as much a result of solid pre-bankruptcy planning as it is a result of actions undertaken during the bankruptcy process.

Too often, Harelick said, bankrupt consumers and businesses wait too long to take action. Many times clients hire Harelick and pay their attorney fee but then hold on to their paperwork for too long. Only after creditors begin levying on property or garnishing accounts, Harelick said, clients follow up with him about their paperwork.

A bankruptcy attorney can stop garnishment, Harelick said, although sometimes one is unable to recover monies seized in a bank levy. Once a client has paid for a bankruptcy attorney’s services, Harelick said, it is important to follow up to ensure that everything necessary to get the bankruptcy action filed has been completed. The longer a client holds onto documents, the longer the relief that a bankruptcy affords may be delayed.

Since it is much easier, in the digital age, for creditors to levy bank accounts, Harelick encourages those facing bankruptcy to keep their bank account balances low. That will stem the tide of losses due to bank levies, particularly if the bankruptcy filing is made after levying of accounts has commenced.

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